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Ohana means "no family member left behind". Our dogs are our family. We have been breeding for over 40 years and still whelp our puppies the old fashion way in a box in our bedroom. Our female eats a very healthy diet of red meat Evo, the puppies are fed Innova large breed puppy food. We only breed healthy dogs. Our puppies come with a 2 year health guarantee

We believe strongly in health testing with a validation of that testing on the federally bestowed data base www.offa.org with postings only allowed by
 a Veterinarian of the canine. As we ourselves are part of the data base and we ourselves appreciate Dobquest as a quick place to ask questions and is a good reference for data, Dobquest is not a confirmed sight for health testing of the dog - all entrees are done on the honor system with no validation of the stated tests.  

A major difference in offa.org is all testing has been validated by Veterinarians and cannot be posted ANYONE outside of a Veterinarian.  Do not use Dobquest as your source for health testing always use offa.org with the Dame and Sires AKC numbers to see what testing has been done. IT IS THE ONLY VALIDATED SOURCE OF HEALTH TESTING.  

These beautiful puppies are of International AKC/CKC/AWDF lines. Dame WS21457810 and Ch
 Sire WS24010001 are from one of the most famed 
TERADEN and SHAL-MAR lines, we have both the dam and sire on site. The line has been bred for Temperament, Obedience and Conformation.

1/4 of the Doberman Digest Stud book shows the TERADEN line as the backing line. In just 5 generations back, there are 68 Ch's on the Sires side and 
134 Ch's on the Dam's side with the majority of them having working titles such as CD, UD, UDX, SR, ROM. this is a rare opportunity to acquire the line as a front line to the general public.

The line has been tested for vWD, CERF, BAER, OFA-Hip & elbow, Thyroid, CARDIO and pups come with a defined 2 year Health Guarantee. Genetic 
testing for Dialated Cardiomyopathy has been done on the dame, depicting clear results. (to date only 13 percent of tested dobermans have tested clear for DCM). 

From birth the puppies have been hand fed by loving children and adults.


Some of the puppies have fur of velvet to the touch, and the line has the rare smiler/chatter (they seem to want to talk). They have all been Micro-
chipped, inoculated for rabies, kennel cough, de-wormed and have had 4 sets of the 8 in one shots. Two of the puppies have been reserved for 2 local Veterinarians and 1 to a federal law enforcement officer. 

Four of the puppies have been identified as show potential by the famed professional handler and breeders Jennifer and Dennyse Lee of Teraden Dobermans. The temperament testing was performed on each of the puppies by the famedtracking, obedience, and rally trainer Ms. Irene Quesnoy a life member of MDDTC.

$100 of the purchase price goes to the Doberman Rescue "DogWorks". We offer each puppy under various different agreements. Some are pet 
agreements, with limited AKC & UDC registration others are unlimited AKC & UDC registration co-owned for show and breeding.

We are standing members with MDDTC, AKC, 
AWDF, UDC, DPCA, DPCNC and religiously comply with the breediing and husbandry standards of our clubs 

As the breeder I have 40 years of husbandry experience, plus SAR with Canine in-conjunction with Equestrian. The puppies ears have all been show 
cropped and are at the end of rolling. All of the above constitutes the price of: $1,500 for Pet, $1,500 to $2,500 for Show Potential Co- Breeders agreement.

For more information and times for private showings call 925-949-6246 or email catherinenatale@yahoo.com

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As per DPCA Breeder list requirements we are adding the following statement:
                We do not condone or support the breeding of the "white/albino" Doberman as it is a genetic mutation.